We are Proud to Announce the launch of Bohemian Butterfly Design.  Just as the Butterfly emerges from it's cocoon, Bohemian Butterfly Design has emerged from our  beginning, Johnny Loves June.

We are pleased to announce to our loyal followers, all our efforts to not only help the women of the dump through our own non profit La Mariposa de la Madre Tierra ( The Butterfly of Mother Earth ), but our cost reductions across the board making the move to Mexico, and not attending wholesale shows any longer;  we have been able to reduce our overall costs by 20%.  The savings are even greater for our Retail shoppers online.   So place you orders today and help support as many women as we can.  

From the bohemian to the wanderer, the gypsy to the hippy, the traveler of time and space, the artistic, the leaders, the non-conformists, the unique, the outcast, the cowboys and Indians, the deep thinkers, the eternally young, the rebel to the born to roam.

Come wander with us.  

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